Assistance to the owner

Bandeau AMO assistance à maîtrise d'ouvrage


In a context of complex and technical projects, public or private contracting authorities have to deal with :

  • Increase and complexification of laws and regulation
  • The management of number of parties involved with various and sometimes opposite prerogatives (Engineering, building companies, suppliers, oversight office, etc..)
  • Multiplicity of contracts and their financial management
  • Establishment of numbers of administrative procedures (ICPE, water law, etc..)
  • Overload due to lack of internal human resources,

Thus, to meet these needs, based on its engineering experience and project management, CERIS Ingenierie provide global or partial services to the contracting authorities including:

  • Programming
  • Assistance to make-up project (strategic, legal,..)
  • Administrative procedures establishment and management
  • Administrative and financial assistance
  • Technical assistance to select engineering and other parties
  • Assistance to the contracting authorities during construction and commissioning.

Reference examples


CERIS Ingénierie, spécialiste de la construction et l'ingénierie des salles blanches - Conception de laboratoire en environnement contrôlé avec salles blanches - Episkin l'Oréal

Développement et fabrication de tests in vitro permettant d’obtenir des

modèles d’épiderme humains utilisés pour les tests d’efficacité cutanée.

1 800 m² – >5 M€